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ZAO App is deepfake-style face swap app and it is released for iOS Operating system. Currently, Zao app is not released for Android Operating system. In Zao App, When people upload their images then AI engine of Zao swaps their faces with those of celebrities in a wide selection of different video clips.

Features Of ZAO App

You can checkout amazing features of ZAO App which makes it one of most popular app in Apple App Store below.

Extraordinary Face Changing Speed

The ZAO App swaps your face with your favorite celebrity very quickly.

Super Fun and Rich Material Library

There are thousands of videos and movie scenes are available in ZAO App. The number of media clips will keep increasing.There are some famous celebrities which have their movies scenes in ZAO App are Leonardo DiCaprio and Marilyn Monroe.

Play a Classic Movie With Your Face

Using ZAO App, You can play a role in classic movie scenes with your face. There are thousands of classic movie scenes are avalible in ZAO App.

Do Not Allow Internet or Public Portrait Photos To Change Faces

You can not use portrait photos from the Internet to play a role.ZAO App doesn't allow you to use Public or Internet Portrait photos. You will need to take selfie with your phone to use photo.

Play With Your Friend's Face

Who don't like to play with thier friend face? Almost everyone likes to make fun of their friends so you can use ZAO App to make funny videos of your friends.

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