Is Zao App Safe to Use


Zao App is Safe: Many People are asking Question that Zao the deepfake app is safe to use. So today In this article I will provide you full information about Zao privacy. Chinese mobile app Zao has taken the internet by storm due to its uncanny AI-based face-swapping technology. Zao, a deepfake app that can convert your face into a celebrity, Actor easily. This app has gone viral and reached the number one spot on China’s iOS store. you can also download Zao app for iOS & Android.

zao app is safe

What is Zao Deepfake App?

Zao is a Face Swapping app. Zao is owned by a Chinese live-streaming service Momo Inc. When Zao app is released then within 24 hour Zao trending everywhere in the world. This app come #1 Spot in Chinese iOS App store within two days. Everybody’s concerns about the privacy issue. This app is released for iOS And it is not released for Android but I hope this app also released for Android soon. In this app you can upload a photo of you then this app replaces your face with celebrating with any movie scene which you can use. If you want to know about Zao Privacy then you can read the given below information.

Is Zao app is safe?

According to Cnn Report, On Tuesday, Zao said it had changed its user agreement to address “concerns about privacy and safety issues.” They say that “This is a new product. We were indeed inconsiderate about people’s core concerns,” the company said in a statement posted on the Chinese popular social media website Weibo.
According to the latest user agreement, Zao “will try its best, based on the privacy terms, to use the content you have authorized us to use within a reasonable, necessary and expressly stated extent.”
“Your necessary authorization and agreement will not change your ownership of the intellectual property rights,” according to the terms.
Zao the deep-fake company also promised in its statement not to store “facial biometric data” on its app. It also said it would delete information about users “according to the law” if they erase their accounts. Zao owned company Momo Inc. told CNN Business that would also apply to any users who signed the app’s original terms and conditions.
“We protect personal data and value data safety,” Zao added. “We’ve also adopted several safety measures including storage encryption.”
If Zao Company follows all the rules and statement which said above then Zao app is safe.
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