Zao Deepfake App vs FaceApp – What is Difference


Zao Deepfake app vs Faceapp: So many people are asking a question that what is the difference between the Zao Deepfake App and FaceApp. So in today article, I will provide you full detail about the Zao and FaceApp. Both the app are work with Artificial technology. Zao is a Face swap app and Faceapp is the app which can use many filters to make the face good. Millions of people using different types of app Zao and face app is one from these. So you can check the difference between both the apps from given below. Also check: Download Zao Deepfake App.

zao vs faceapp

What is FaceApp & its Features:

FaceApp a state of the art photo-editor powered by AI, This app is released for both Android and iOS devices. Now, this app has 80 Million active users around the world. Currently, there are 21 fun & free filters in the basic version. And in the Pro version includes 28 filters that can change your style completely with just one tap. In this app, you can also change your gender in the pics. To use this app you just need to take a selfie and apply the filters which you want. Some features of face app are given below. Also check: How to Make Video with Zao App.

  • Hollywood-ready selfies with the Impression filters
  • You can also use your perfect beard/mustache style and color.
  • If you face is not smiling then Add a beautiful smile in one tap.
  • You can also Replace background with a single tap.
  • You can change your hair color and style.
  • You can also do light & Dark makeup.
  • You can also Swap your genders in Pics.
  • You can change your age.
  • Add amazing tattoos.

What is Zao Deepfake App & its Features:

Zao is a face Swap app which is developed by Chinese Developer. In this app, you can swap your face with any celebrity in any movies or video clips. Now, this app is trending everywhere in the world. This app is also released for both Android and iOS devices. This app also used AI technology to Swap your face. This app has low features according to the faceApp. So you can check its Features below.

  • In this app, you can make a popular online emoticon pack with your face.
  • You can make a face swap videos only in just 30 seconds to take selfies.
  • Play classic movie clips with your face with this app and you can choose video clip from this Zao app template.
  • In this, you can also Play with your friend’s face.
  • This app is only supported for taking real portrait photos for face-changing.

So both the app is work with Artificial intelligence technology. Both the app have different features. Zao app mostly used in videos clips and face app is used to make a picture. if you have any problem regarding this app then share it with your friends I hope they will like our articles.


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